Swim Workout #99

Category: Open Water Swimming Preparation

Workout Goal: Sighting land and breath control, breathing patterns

Total Distance: 3400 yards

Notes: In this workout you will swim a variety of drills to help develop sighting techniques and a strong breathing pattern. Bilateral breathing is important for open water swimmers and will help with positioning during the race.

When you practice sighting every 3rd or 4th stroke, you should complete the normal breath then turn your head to look forward. Place your head back in the water after sighting a landmark at the end of the pool. You might want to lean a kickboard up against the wall, or use a chair or other fixture as a point for sighting. Keep the flow of breathing and sighting even throughout the drill. In open water swimming you will sight less often, but there will be times when you need to sight frequently to make sure you are on course and in position.

Ideally you will not use breaststroke in open water, but it included here because sometimes it is necessary to stop for adjustments, or get your bearings then continue on course. Breaststroke might also be handy at the start of a race or anytime you are in a crowded pod of swimmers. During this swimming drill concentrate on making the transition from crawl to breast easily so you can continue moving. By making the transition every 6th stroke you will be making it about halfway down the pool. Take 2 strokes doing breaststroke then convert back to crawl.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any type of training program.