Swim Workout #96

Category: Open Water Swimming Preparation

Workout Goal: Preparing for disaster

Total Distance: 2800 yards

Notes: In this workout you will swim a variety of drills that are designed to help you practice small disasters that might happen in open water. The problems covered include google replacement, swim cap replacement, and cramp removal.

The cap and goggle recovery drill will help you develop good swimming techniques for replacing cap and googles while still moving forward. It also develops patience for swimming without your goggles and cap. Going down the pool you swimm with cap off and tucked into your swimsuit, goggles around your neck and eyes closed. Without your goggles you will need to sight on the end of the pool once or twice to keep swimming straight. Coming back you replace the cap and goggles while doing a breast stroke or frog kick on your back, using your hands to make the adjustments. The goggles and cap should be on and comfortable before you reach the wall. Once they are return to a regular stroke. Make this a fund exercise by trying to make the replacement faster each time you try it. It's not a very fun drill, but is good practice in case your equipment becomes dislodged during a race.

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