Swim Workout #44

Category: Advanced

Workout Goal: Improve breath control and consistency

Total Distance: 3200 yards

Notes: This workout concentrates on breath control and consistent swimming. You will swim 2 x 200 crawl counting strokes but the goal of these 2 is different. On the first one you want to try and use less strokes on each subsequent length and you might find yourself gliding a bit to get to the wall at the end of each length. Take long strokes. When you swim the second 200 and count strokes, you are trying to keep each length at the same number of strokes. These swims are alternated with the windsprints so you will be changing from breath control to stretching out and conentrating on consistency. It is a challenging workout for any level of swimming if you focus on the skills it's designed to improve.

The crawl breathing drill is designed to let you experiment with different breathing patterns. On the first 50 you will breath every 6th stroke. On the second 50 you breath every 5th stroke (bilateral breathing). On the 3rd 50 you breath every 4th stroke. On the 4th 50 you breath every 3rd stroke (bilateral breathing). Then you repeat the sequence for the 5th - 8th 50s.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any type of training program.