Swim Workout #23

Category: Intermediate

Workout Goal:Improve endurance, breathing rhythm, gain technique on turns

Total Distance:2400 yards plus turn practice

Notes:This workout concentrates on turns for all strokes and transitions for the individual medley. You will need to use this workout on a day when the pool is not crowded and you can take your time swimming up to the wall and turning repeatedly. If you swim in a pool that is normally crowded, try to enlist the other swimmers into practicing turns with you. The feedback you give one another will help everyone to improve.

This workout will also help to improve your breathing pattern, especially going into a turn. Make sure you are focusing on proper breathing sequences into and out of all turns. Review notes the on how to properly perform turns prior to getting in the pool. By focusing on the turns and breathing you will get a good workout and improve your techniques.

Please consult your doctor before beginning any type of training program.